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AEOBiH has a record of substantial accomplishments in numerous democracy and election activities it has been conducting since 1999. These programs include training of polling station committee members, voter information and education, voter registration and re-registration, and education of Municipal Election Commission (MEC) members and political parties about various aspects of the BiH Election Law and election process through a series of roundtable meetings in AEOBiH sections throughout the country.

Should you consider financialy supporting the AEOBiH or a particular project, please use the following bank accounts, or contact us directly!
Sberbankdd, Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Udruženje izbornih zvaničnika u BiH

533711-026342 (KM)
533712-026342 (EUR)
533713-026342 (USD)
533714-026342 (other currencies)