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Article 53.

The Association believes that public confidence in those who are responsible for the conduct of elections is essential for the well being of democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, to this end, electoral issues must be debated continuously in a public forum. To maintain the highest standard of conduct of members of the Association in the public domain, the Association adopts Professional Standards of Conduct, which shall be observed and upheld by all members of the Association. Honoring these standards at all times is a condition of continued membership in the Association.

Professional Standards of Conduct of Association Members

Members of Association shall conduct themselves professionally at all times in the performance of their electoral duties, shall commit themselves to the fair and impartial treatment of electoral issues, shall participate in public debate and discourse concerning electoral issues without bias or prejudice, and shall dedicate themselves to advancing electoral issues or causes that serve the electorate and promote a democratic society.

Members of the Association shall also observe and uphold the following standards:

In a spirit of collegiality, devote themselves to the Aims, Programme Objectives and Activities of the Association;

Protect and maintain the highest standards of professionalism in their work and refrain from any behaviour that may compromise the reputation or the good standing of the Association in the public domain;

Perform all duties and goals established by this Statute without predisposition to political ideology, race, religion, nationality, gender or other bias;

Act in accordance with all laws and administrative practices regulating the conduct of elections and carry out official electoral duties faithfully and competently;

Abide and respect the public trust that reposes in election officials and refrain from the abuse of public office for personal gain;

Preserve the confidentiality of any information of the Association not intended for wider distribution;

Participate regularly in the activities of the Association;

Promote and protect the interests of the Association and encourage suitable persons to apply for membership in the Association; and

Encourage the education and training of participants engaged in the electoral process through the organization by the Association of workshops and conferences and promote the dissemination of information about the electoral process to the general public.