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On the basis of Articles 10, 12, 18 and 54, paragraph 1 of the Law on Associations and Foundations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (“Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina” No. 32/01), the Assembly of the Association of Election Officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina convened on the 14th day of December, 2002 in Neum and adopted a

of the Association of Election Officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Article 1.

The Association of Election Officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Association which continues its work and tradition of activities established by decisions of the Federal Ministry of Justice number 04-05-2-2865/99 dated September 27, 1999 and the Basic Court in Banja Luka number Rg.154/00 dated December 5, 2000.

Article 2.

In accordance with the Law, this Statute defines:
* Full name and abbreviation of the Association and head office
* Association goals
* Procedure for admission and exclusion of the Association members
* Association bodies
* Rules for provision of, usage and disposal with Association funds and supervision over usage of those funds
* Work publicity
* Procedure for change and amendment to the Statute and adoption of other documents
* Shape and content of the stamp
* Association representation
* Conditions and procedure for merge, separation, transformation or cessation of activities of the Association
* Other issues important for organization and activities of the Association

Article 3.

The presidents, secretaries, members, past and present, of Election Commissions and election experts possessing comparable electoral experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina voluntarily form the Association of Election Officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter; the Association) for the purpose of exchanging ideas and experience, so as to enhance their ability to perform electoral duties in the most professional manner possible, to promote the independence of election commissions, and to ensure respect and realization of their common aims, and development of democratic processes and accountable government and management in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Article 4.

The Association, foremost, shall be dedicated to the progressive advancement of democratic elections to ensure the fairness of and public confidence in the electoral process. The Association’s creed shall rest, above all, upon the professionalism of its members.

The Association shall be a non-profit organisation, independent of government and of any political parties, and shall be constituted by voluntary membership open to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries who currently serve or have served on electoral commissions, regardless of nationality, religion, political orientation, race or other attributes.

The Association shall be a legal body subject to domestic and international laws, with the objective of becoming part of the European Association, and is founded for an undefined period for the purpose of providing a forum to achieve the interests of the Association to conduct public activities in furtherance of Association goals.

The Association may establish and maintain relations with other associations, domestically and internationally, which have the same or similar goals. The purpose of such relation is development of democracy, creation of conditions for better respect of human rights and freedoms, as well as establishment of accountable government and management in Bosnia and Herzegovina.